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July 12 2018

Skateboarder Performs 'The Impossible' Board-Around-Your-Foot Flip
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June 13 2018

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June 07 2018

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May 30 2018

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May 25 2018

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Yes, that is an explosion of pollen. Yes, I feel like sneezing now.

did this tree just bust a nut

Scientifically, yes!

Why are you so excited


That makes the bulldozer a giant dildo, right?


masturbation is okay though, nothing wrong with using a giant dildo.

what happened to this post

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May 23 2018

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May 17 2018

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May 09 2018

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In Plastik verpackte Zeitung berichtet über zu viel in Plastik verpackte Dinge
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